We aren't just a clothing company - we are a clothing promotional company with a new twist on how to party. our brand offers unique designs, comfortable club and night-life shirts, that look awesome and will make you stand out from the crowd. We aren't just aimed at the jersey shore; we have a national reach and we will soon be touring across the east coast. You can choose to have our trademarked slogan, "if you can read this i'm fist pumping" printed under the sleeve of each shirt - the choice is yours. with both men and women's styles for both winter and summer; it doesn't matter what time of the year it is because you will always look hot.
If You Can Read This I'm Fist Pumping
Fist Pump Shirts - A Shirt Brand, Marketing & Promotions Company
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Our Shirts are Designed with Dancing in Mind! If you think we only offer jersey shore shirts; you'd be wrong! our club shirts, tshirts and fist pumping shirts will make you the talk of the town. These are the most comfortable shirts you will ever were, forget everywhere else - shop with Fist Pump Shirts - because we pump it up!